Checklist and Procedure

Short procedure for processing:

1.Download and Import the Competition,
2.Review the tee block graph and confirm the GAP Time and Late Swipe status for those marked in orange,
3.Process the Competition - placing emails into the administration queue,
4.Go to Administration and check the email list, and then
5.Broadcast the First Letter, and save the processing.


Detailed procedure for processing round times reports:

1.Export the TimesPerRound report from miClub administration website. See Times per Round Report. Make it easier by setting your preferences so that the import Directory is the same as your web browser download folder
2.Import the TimesPerRound report and process the competition by:
a.confirming true positives by using the popup menu on the selected group,
i.Confirm the gap time - inspect the Tee Block Graph for graphical confirmation
ii.Delete or ignore the group
iii.Switch the reading to a Late Swipe, or
iv.Dismiss the issue by Toggling Slow Play Status
b.adding custom notes for a group for inclusion in any email if you have included this option in your email template


Reviewing the Tee Block Graph will assist with these steps




Procedure for processing email broadcasts:

3.Make final check of player list to confirm type of letter to be sent, email block for players as required