clip0007Import a competition by exporting the csv file as described in Times per Round Report and using the main menu or popup menu option to Import Competition.


When a competition is imported, the playing groups are summarised and ordered by tee and teetime. Each change in tee and teetime is deemed a separate teeblock.


Teeblocks are colour coded in the 'Import Summary - Order of Play' listing.



The listing shows Group Tee, Start, Finish, Round Time, Adjusted Round Time, Gap from group in front, adjusted gap and comments.


Groups which are beyond the pace of play policy criteria as set in the Preferences, are shown immediately with orange cells in the round statistics.


Assessment of these indicators requires some care.




clip0015Each grouping needs to be assessed as to the accuracy of the analysis. Reviewing the Tee Block graph is of great assistance in making this assessment.


Confirm the Gap as real with the 'Confirm Gap' popup menu option. A small vonfirmation note is added in the comments column and these comments are displayed int eh Tee Block Graph above the relevant bar.


Graph Tee Block: Opens the Tee Block Graph screen. Refer to Tee Block Graph for more information.


Toggle Late Swipe: Where a group suffers a large gap time but this clearly does not show any impact on the round times of the groups which follow, this may have been caused by a late swipe. This tardiness should be discouraged. Marking the group as a Late Swipe will generate a reminder email to the group that Late Swipes are part of their obligation. Refer to Sample Late Swipe Letter for the text of the email generated.


Less than 4:10: Some groups can suffer a large gap time but can still be playing within the pace of play policy. If they are within policy, then this option negates the gap issue and marks the round as acceptable thereby removing it from processing.


Toggle Slow Play Status: The Less than 4:10 option above turns off the orange cell banding and slow play issue status, but this action can be done arbitrarily with the Toggle Slow Play Status option.


Reset All Issues: Removes all record of manual changes and reverts the event to how it was first imported. Only available before event processing.


Filter Issues: See only the orange band cells and groups.