Enter your test email account in the Test Email Account edit box. Turn on the use of this account by checking the 'All Email to Test Account' checkbox.



Statistics Cycle: The time in days beyond which the letter count is ignored. Default is 183 meaning the last six months are relevant only as far as non-conformance is concerned.


Gap Adjust: This the time in minutes allowed for finalising, signing and submitting (swiping) scorecards. The difference between the earliest scorecard swipe time of a group and the teetime of the group less the Gap Adjust is the adjusted round time.


Gap Trigger: This is the maximum time in minutes allowed between groups measured by subsequent swipe times for the earliest swipe of each group.


Stableford/Par Limit: This is the Pace of Play Policy guideline for a Stableford or Par round of golf.


Stroke Limit: This is the Pace of Play Policy guideline for a stroke round of golf.


Tee Gap: This is the timesheet gap between tee times. A different tee gap interval can be used for different type of events (Stroke and Stableford).


Tee Starts: By default the system will be set to a two tee start. This can be changed to more than 2 or to one tee start. In the event of a 1 tee start, the Simulate Tee Blocks option may be used. When this option is selected (checked) a single tee start report will be split into 4 blocks. This makes for easier interpretation of the gap times and also improves communication on the email graphs. When a mix of one tee and two tee starts are used on different days, the Prompt for Simulation can be used to remind you of the use of simulated tee blocks.