After the competition is processed, players programmed to receive an email are listed in the Outstanding Letters list.


The type of letter is marked by either an orange bar (GAP) or a green bar (Late Swipe)


A red bar against a player's name signifies that the player is blocked from receiving automated emails. Is is still possible to send a manual email with the use of the 'Email Member' button.




Once the list is confirmed, click the 'Broadcast First Letter' button and initiate the broadcast.


Warnings will be given is graphs are missing, and late swipe emails will be processed after gap letters.




When the process is complete, the player list will be empty. You may review all letters sent by using the 'All Letters' filter on the list popup menu.


The blue bar signifies that email processing is complete for this member. Green and orange bars signify late swipe and gap letters respectively. A red bar signifies member with an email block currently set.


All players with no email addresses including visitors will remain in the list unprocessed. Use the 'Mark all as processed option to finalise the list. Hard copy letters may be sent to people who do not have email addresses for whatever reason.