The member import and update function is driven by exporting the Member/Handicap listing from the Member Directory in MiClub


The default handicap lower limit of +4 may require changing to ensure players with lower handicaps are not left out. You may need to set this limit even higher if members handicaps require it.


The default birthday for members is set to 1.1.1900. As such the default age to setting will leave members out of the report if they have not updated their birth dates.


Set the Age to limit to 150.


Finally, select Contact Details for inclusion in the export and set the format to .csv


Run the report which saves the export .csv fie in your downloads folder.


See Preferences section for setting the import folder to match your downloads folder. This makes importing reports much easier.




Set the contact details to be included, leave the field list defaults as they are.


Select csv file format for the export.


Run the report