A newsletter article run a couple of times initially and then modified for occasional publication is essential for making members aware of the system and their expected obligations. A sample wording could be as follows:


A recent statistical analysis of round times played over the month of August has revealed very poor compliance with the round time expected by the Club’s Pace of Play Policy. In response to this situation and justifiable complaints for members on this subject, The Match Committee has decided to implement and test a new system to assist with pace of play. This initial test will be carried out over a 3 month period. The use of this system has the full support of the Board and we feel sure that it will deliver a significant improvement in the number of rounds played within the target policy time. Such an improvement should be welcome by all members.


To align our policy with the actual operation of the system, the wording of the Club’s Pace of Play Policy has been modified slightly. Members are encouraged to re-read the Policy and make themselves aware of the changes.


Simply put, the system provides immediate analysis of gap times between groups upon completion of their round. If a group is recognised as being out of position relative to the group ahead of them, each member of the group will receive an automated email providing graphical depiction of the effect their group has had on the field which followed them on the day. A more detailed explanation of the system will be happily provided by Golf Operations Staff.


In the first instance, these emails are simple reminders. They are not designed to be insulting and the Club discourages any attempt to interpret them as such. Members are encouraged to embrace this system and the work being done on improving overall pace of play on the course.