Processing a Competition



Once the evaluation of the event has been completed and Tee Block Graphs have been saved, email processing can be carried out.


Process the Competition to convert confirmed GAP times and confirmed Late Swipes into the email broadcast list on the Administration page.


Evaluate at this time the expected list, block emails from members where considered necessary or prudent.


If you wish, a test broadcast can be done by switching the Test Email function on in the Preferences. This will send all emails to your test email account and will not send anything to the real recipients.


When you are satisfied, turn the test function off and broadcast the list.


If graphs are missing (not yet saved) you will be prompted and given the opportunity to cancel the broadcast, save the graphs and start the processing again.


It is not necessary to show the graph if it is considered ambiguous or confusing. The email will be distributed without the graph and the recipient will not tell that a graph is missing.


The emails will be marked as sent and when all emails are sent, the event will be marked as email processed (red bar), after which no editing of the event is possible.


Refer also to Sample GAP Letter and Sample Late Swipe Letter