Dear First Name Surname,


This letter is intended to draw your attention to the requirement that all players conduct their play at an acceptable pace.
On Saturday, August 1, 2015 your 07:10 AM group was 24 minutes behind the group in front at completion (gap time) which is beyond the reasonable allowance of 14 minutes afforded you. Accordingly, other members of your group may receive a letter or may be contacted regarding this incident of slow play.

Sat, 01.08.2015, 1st Tee, Block 1
You can locate your 07:10 AM tee time on this graph.


We draw your attention to the target times for each tee which are printed on your scorecard. As a rule you should always:

Endeavour to keep up with the group in front to hold your position within the field.
Scan your scorecard as soon as possible after completing your last hole of play. You are automatically given 5 minutes to complete this operation. (the first card scanned by a member of the group is declared as the group finish time)


Your scorecard scan time is used to analyse pace of play and this task is made more difficult if you delay this process for any reason. (If you experience problems with the scanners please immediately report to the office)


The Club recognises that from time to time everyone faces issues that may delay their round for reasons beyond their control, and it is for this reason the Match Committee is not interested in members who receive only a couple of communications from the system. Rather, the primary concern is with those that show a consistent pattern of inability to abide by the plan and for that reason, the Match Committee is only notified of those individuals that have received a Pace of Play communication 6 times in any 6 month period of time.


Once notified of any such member, the Match Committee may make contact with that member, and in the first instance will then work with that member to help develop better practices that improve the pace at which they play their rounds.


For and on behalf of the Golf Operations Committee,


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