Sample Late Swipe Letter

Dear First Name Surname,


This is NOT a letter directed at slow play. However, the management of pace of play requires some minimal assistance from you.
On Saturday, August 1, 2015 your 7:45 AM group may have delayed the final swiping of your card and/or the group behind you swiped before you.

Sat, 01.08.2015, 1st Tee, Block 1
You can locate your 07:45 AM tee time on this graph.

A generous allowance of 5 minutes is granted all players to finalise, sign and submit their cards after their final hole. Your round time is adjusted down by this duration.

To avoid unnecessary time interpreting the validity of your swipe time within the field, you are requested to follow the practice of swiping your card as soon after you complete your round as possible and before packing your clubs away or joining friends in the Bar.


Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated and if on this day you experienced hardware difficulty in the swiping process, please disregard this message.


Please take this email as feedback on your round and a friendly reminder of your obligation to play at a pace as set out in our Pace of Play Policy.


For and on behalf of the Golf Operations Committee,


Gen Manager
General Manager
My Golf Club Ltd
Street Rd Suburb NSW 2000
Ph: 02 9200 1235
Fax: 02 9200 1234
Mobile: 0400 555 777