Sample Non-Conformance Letter

The following sample letter is suggested as the final delivery to members who have accrued six or more GAP letters over a six month period. It is suggested that the Club validate the letter by introducing a By-Law (see below).



Dear #FirstName Surname#,

The Club’s records indicate that you have received #Letters GAP# letters between #First Letter# and #Last Letter# relating to an unacceptable pace of play. Each letter indicates the impact of that slow play on the ensuing field of players.


The Board has a responsibility to its members to ensure that the field proceeds at an acceptable pace of play whereby the game of golf can best be enjoyed by all members. To this end By-Law #Club By-Law# deals with this issue and repeated breaches of this By-Law can give rise to disciplinary proceedings pursuant to the Constitution of the Club.


The Club is most reluctant to discipline members for slow play yet at the same time the Board must act to remedy the situation in the interests of the wider membership. Accordingly, you are requested by #Time and Date# to either:


1.submit to the me, in writing, a plan detailing the method and commitment you will make to remedy the regular breaches of the relevant By-Law, or me to confirm your attendance at the Meeting of the Golf Operations Committee at #Time and Date# to orally address the situation with the Committee.



Yours faithfully



The bold placeholders relate to column headers of the Top Non-Conformers report.


Suggested By-Law (there is likely to be a place in the Club's By-Laws where this makes a small addition):


Rules of Golf and Etiquette – Members are required to familiarise themselves with the Rules of Golf, and the etiquette contained therein.


Their attention is especially directed to the following: a Par or Stableford competition, players must pick up as soon as the hole has been lost or no points can be scored;


2.Pace of Play to the intent that the Golf Operations Committee may make a determination that:
a.constant failure by a Member to comply with a Rule relating to slow play; and/or
b.failure by a Member to comply with a request of the Golf Operations Committee to attend a meeting to discuss the constant failure by a Member to comply with a Rule relating to slow play constitutes behaviour which is in breach of Clause X of the Constitution of the Club relating to disciplinary proceedings;