Software Updates

To update mPace Manager, you will be supplied an email containing a link for a download file. The link will look something like:

[XXX] will refer to your version and may change from update to update.


You may also be provided an update over the phone using Teamviewer Quick Support which is supplied with the software. When asked to do so, follow the help menu instructions for Quick Support


Click the link in the email and download the file into your downloads directory. Accept the download if you are warned about the file type.


Execute the setup file.


Follow the instruction in the email with regard to placing the files which have been extracted.


Please ensure you have backed-up the database before you apply any update. Use the File|Backup Database menu option.

The files in the setup will replace existing files. The database file will not be replaced.


Ensure you do not have mPaceManager running while the update is being applied.