Gap Times




The Tee Block graph provides an important visual representation of the tee activity, round time and gap times for eah group of players.


Gaps in the tee can be seen quickly - as above during 8:06 to 8:30, 2 tee times were vacant. These times could really be vacant but they could also be the result of 2 social rounds, or 2 rounds where players did not return their score cards.


If no one played in these times, you should expect that the next group playing should have a better round time than the last group before the tee gap. The above example was the result of a real tee gap but a failure by the 8:30 group to achieve both pace of play generally and to make any closure on the empty tee times. The 8:30 group should have closed at least one tee time, and had they play to acceptable pace (4:10) would have provided the groups which followed them, a far more acceptable experience.


The 7:50AM group also failed the gap time allowance set to 14 minutes in this example. Both these groups would have received a GAP letter.


Once the event has been fully evaluated and comments for each bar confirmed, the graphs should be saved for use in email and report generation. Saving is simply a matter of clicking the save button and confirming the suggested filename.


Where consecutive bars are getting taller, an expansion is taking place. Where consecutive bars are diminshing, then compression is taking place.


An expanding pair of bars expands by the difference between their round times PLUS the tee time gaps. So the 7:10 group had a round time of 4:13 compared with 4:11 for the 7:02, so including the 8 minute tee time space, that amounts to a 10 minute gap.


The 7:26 group had a gap time of 4 minutes over the 7:18 tee time - a compression.


Late Swipes


Late Swipes are indicated by a long round time for one group followed by a quick return to normal round times within expected gaps.




The 7:42AM tee time here shows a late swipe. It is impossible for the 7:50AM tee time to have 4:26 which is 7 minutes longer without there being an artificial delay to swiping of the previous group.


The total gap between the 7:50AM group and the 7:34AM group is 7 minutes plus 2 tee slots (16 minutes, total 23minutes). Spread over the 2 gaps, results in 12 minute gaps between each group in play. This is within policy but the 7:42 group needs to be reminded that late swiping causes more administrative work than necessary.