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Fri 27 of Feb, 2015 (21:06 UTC)
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mPace of Play Manager

mPace of Play Manager
is add-on software to the miClub© timesheet booking management
interface for Golf Clubs.
mPace Manager:
• provides fast and painless analysis of the Times per Round report.
• automates the broadcast of reminder letters for both Pace of Play and Late Swipe conditions.
• Stores comprehensive metrics and player statistics
• Provides trend analysis of round times and expansion rates
• Displays data in easy to read charts for monthly reports
mPace Manager relies on end of play statistics and operates in an environment where a clear statement or pace of play policy exists within the Club. Sample policies are available to use as a model.

Monthly reports provide full metric analysis including tee block
expansion rates.

Full statistics provide
Trend for Wednesday.jpg
trend analysis.

Read more about mPace of Play Manager at the micro website devoted to it.

miClub is a specialist developer of golf management software, focusing on the private member club, pay-for-play courses, tournament golf and golf associations.

More information on how the software works can be found in the help file

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meta Goes Bitweaver and Firebird

meta has finally converted to Bitweaver and Firebird for website CMS and datastore respectively.

meta has used Joomla for several years to deliver corporate website information and client access to private areas and downloads. But finally Bitweaver has delivered a comprehensive CMS and web application framework backed by Firebird. We regard this as a major advancement in support of Firebird, Bitweaver and the opensource software movement.

Image + Image = Image

Read more of my journey here Firebird Bitweaver Windows and PHP
And find out some of the website feature which can make your use of this resource more appealing


Support Firebird


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