Import Register


The Import Register is the main view of the mPace Manager software. The left hand listing shows imported events in descending date order.


Stroke rounds are signified by amber cell colouring and bold blue text.



clip0010The register listing shows events which have been processed for emails with a blue bar and those which have been finalised (emails broadcast) with a red bar.



The number of GAP letters and the number of Late Swipe letters are shown in seprate coumns for each event.










The functions available from the popup menu of the event listing are as follow:


Process Competition: After gap times, round times and late swipes have been determined (refer to Round Analysis) the event can be processed with this option. Players from each group are added to an email list and made available in the Administration screen. No emails are sent by this function.


A draft lifting of the players effected by the processing is also available and can be used for approvals.


UnProcess Competition: The above function can be reversed completely before any emails are broadcast. Once emails are broadcast, this function is not available.


Reprocess Member Gaps: When a competition is processed, certain statistics are posted regarding all players gap times and event expansion rates. If the pace of play policy changes to reflect a shorter or longer round time or gap time, it is possible to use this function to remove old data for the event and replace it under the new criteria.


Ignore this Competition: For rain effected competitions or short fields which do not present sufficient data or skew the data in some other way, use this function to remove the event from processing or statistical analysis. A green bar is applied to an event marked in this way


Toggle Event Stroke Flag: When events are imported, the key words 'Medal' and 'Stroke' are detected and the event is flagged as a stroke event. This causes alternate criteria to be applied to the analysis. If the event is stroke without this key word detection or is not a stroke event but contains one of these key words, the stroke flag can be manually toggled on or off.


Filter this Day: The event currently selected forms the criteria for selecting or filtering the event list. You may use this function to see only Wednesday Competitions or only Saturday Competitions.


Delete: Delete this event completely, including all statistics, email records etc