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Dear #FirstName# #LastName#,

This letter is intended to draw your attention to the requirement that all players conduct their play at an acceptable pace.

On #FieldDate# your #GroupStart# group was #GapMinutes# minutes behind the group in front at completion (gap time) which is #AllowMinutes# minutes beyond the reasonable allowance afforded you. #Addnotes# Accordingly, other members of your group may receive a letter or may be contacted regarding this incident of slow play.



Slow play by one or two groups can detract from the golfing enjoyment of other players in the field. An extended gap time unduly extends the final round time of all groups which follow you.

We draw your attention to the target times for each tee which are printed on your scorecard.

As a rule you should always try to keep up with the group in front and please register your scorecard as soon as possible after completing your last hole of play. You are automatically given 5 minutes to complete this operation. Your scorecard time stamp is used to analyse pace of play and this job is made more difficult if you delay this process for any reason.

Please take this letter as friendly reminder of your obligation to play at an acceptable pace.

For and on behalf of the Golf Operations Committee,