Cost Monitor BIlling

Recent observations have revealed a loss of corporate memory in how Cost Monitor billing is carried out.

Please ensure that all billing (revenue/AR) billing is posted in TEMPLA using the Cost Monitor Master Workbill and NOT a workbill generated in the Purchase Order module for purchasing.Previously purchase orders could not be initiated until the project had been posted. From this point forward, purchase orders will be barred until the workbill number is retrieved (see above). Normally, workbill numbers are retrieved during (as the first step in) project posting but workbill numbers can also be manually retrieved via the edit menu ‘Retrieve Master Workbills’.

If, for any reason, the workbill generation process fails, the posting process can be attempted a second time by selecting the ‘Reset Posted – allows re-post’ menu option above. Please ensure no duplicate workbills exist in TEMPLA.