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mParks Converter – Hunter Edition

With the arrival of Ham2k PoLo Logger which creates logs for both POTA and WWFF activations simultaneously, the need for log conversion is waning.

mParks has entered its next stage of providing a sophisticated merge of spots from various sources and allowing simple logging to various destinations.

Spots from the following sources can be merged:

  • ParksnPeaks Spots webpage
  • HamAlerts (which allows for a huge range of personal filtering options)
  • POTA Spots

ParksnPeaks has been a pillar for portable operations in Australia, Spots for a range of programs e.g. Parks, Beaches, Silos, HEMA, SOTA etc. Publishing Spots and accepting Spots via API has been used widely by application providers.

HamAlerts provides a versatile filtering system for all manner of interests. Switching this feature on in mParks provides a very personal focus on your hunting activities.

CQGMA (Global Mountain Activity) is based in Germany and supported by Deutsche Amateur Radio (DAR). CQGMA also has API access for both retrieving and posting spots and focuses on many of the European activation programs. It is also a popular place for hunters keen on chasing the WWFF park activators.

The POTA program has a very good spotting page, also with api access for retrieval and posting. Whilst not trying to draw attention away from the POTA spots page, mParks provides a merged output for these and other sources so the Hunter can avoid having all these sources opened separately.

Main Features

mParks is a console which offers quick access to the resources and the following features:

  • Drive your Hunter activities from the Spots page. Log and re-spot your contacts with minimal data re-entry.
  • Send your logged contacts direct to QRZ or to any listening UDP server e.g. HRD or Log4OM etc.
  • Spot direct to POTA, CQGMA, Cluster server of your choice or ParksnPeaks and Log the contact simultaneously.
  • Log your contacts with user friendly comment/qslMessage fields prefilled.
  • One click to open a park’s exact position on google maps or POTA website.
  • Names files creation for use in PoLo logger as an offline resource for callsign/name lookups. This feature includes the ability to capitalise on contributions from other mParks users.
  • See at a glance the parks/summits which are new to you
  • Fast conversion of logs from WWFF to POTA or POTA to WWFF
  • Executes ADIF Master for log review and merging
  • Quick access to popular websites for spot review
  • Auto application updates
  • Comprehensive Help file
  • Park Administration module for all prefixes

The Programs

The WWFF and POTA programs were born from one origin but diverged some years ago. Their differences are based on the opinion that some key features would be more attractive to some people if they were modified from the original. They programs share a lot in common but also offer differences which may have greater appeal differently to different operators. To many, they are both attractive programs. The mParks utility gives operators the ability to be both agnostic towards both programs but, more importantly, to enjoy the involvement in an even bigger community of mobile operators.

Download the setup file from here
, the application will auto update when a new version is published.

The help file will explain the use which is very simple.

Many thanks to ParksnPeaks for access to their database.

Using Google Earth for As-Built Drawings

A recent Movie (“Lion”) told the story of a boy, separated from his mother for many years, who used Google Earth to locate her based on logic and vague memories. The story was also documented on Google Earth.

In fact, Google Earth offers many opportunities to utilise regular map updates with overlays and integrated content. One such integration provides a highly accessible and easily maintainable as-built drawings set for work on a golf course re-development.

The as-builts for Bonnie Doon Golf Club are currently up to date with the 3rd stage of works completed in April 2017. The video demonstration above offers a walk through of the drawing features.

The interface provides a very accurate drawing of fixtures all set in relation with the underlying ground features. This makes it very fast to locate items like sprinkler heads and valves when they are often subject to being hidden in over growth.

Power lines and main potable water lines are often ‘lost’ over the years when minor earthworks confuse the memory of where things used to be.

The drawings are also easily maintainable and only require a normal revision status protocol to ensure all stakeholders are kept up to date with the latest drawings.

Premier League Manager

Premier League Manager is designed to provide comprehensive management of league table construction from marketing/CRM data, then score maintenance and draw reports.

Match scores are easily entered and automatically published to the league website as well as printed for notice board publication.

Player accounting features and performance statistics are also maintained.

Premier League Manager is written in Delphi and uses MySQL as the datastore.


mPace of Play Manager

mPaceIcon    mPace of Play Manager is add-on software to the miClub© timesheet booking management interface for Golf Clubs.

mPace1mPace Manager:
• provides fast and painless analysis of the Times per Round report.
• automates the broadcast of reminder letters for both Pace of Play and Late Swipe conditions.
• Stores comprehensive metrics and player statistics
• Provides trend analysis of round times and expansion rates
• Displays data in easy to read charts for monthly reports
mPace Manager relies on end of play statistics and operates in an environment where a clear statement or pace of play policy exists within the Club. Sample policies are available to use as a model.

mPace2Monthly reports provide full metric analysis including tee block expansion rates.

mPace3Full statistics provide trend analysis.

Read more about mPace of Play Manager at the micro website devoted to it.

miClub is a specialist developer of golf management software, focusing on the private member club, pay-for-play courses, tournament golf and golf associations.

More information on how the software works can be found in the help file