Using Google Earth for As-Built Drawings

A recent Movie (“Lion”) told the story of a boy, separated from his mother for many years, who used Google Earth to locate her based on logic and vague memories. The story was also documented on Google Earth.

In fact, Google Earth offers many opportunities to utilise regular map updates with overlays and integrated content. One such integration provides a highly accessible and easily maintainable as-built drawings set for work on a golf course re-development.

The as-builts for Bonnie Doon Golf Club are currently up to date with the 3rd stage of works completed in April 2017. The video demonstration above offers a walk through of the drawing features.

The interface provides a very accurate drawing of fixtures all set in relation with the underlying ground features. This makes it very fast to locate items like sprinkler heads and valves when they are often subject to being hidden in over growth.

Power lines and main potable water lines are often ‘lost’ over the years when minor earthworks confuse the memory of where things used to be.

The drawings are also easily maintainable and only require a normal revision status protocol to ensure all stakeholders are kept up to date with the latest drawings.